You can be humane and eat meat. It’s not humane to kill animals for sport.

I love animals, and I’m a meat eater. I tried vegetarian for 15 straight months in 2007 to 2008, even going vegan at times. It was the best I could do, and it gave me time to reconcile my respect for animals and accept eating meat that is mass-produced and slaughtered. I am not equipped with the know how or living situation to hunt my own food and plant my own crops. Moreover, my dietary philosophy–esp. having been through intense chemo in 2012 and 2013–is focused on a well-balanced diet that includes marine and land meat as well as produce (legumes, vegetables and fruit) and supplements to maintain nutritional equilibrium. I’m against recreational, sport and trophy hunting (a.k.a. killing animals because it gives you a “high” or a false sense of being superior). If you’re going to hunt animals, do it legally for sustenance, and do it fairly with cunning and with handmade tools like a bow and arrow.

Humane Society Legislative Fund is the lobbying arm for the Humane Society, so clearly they are playing the political game, which in U.S. politics is the most effective tactic, or perhaps the only way, to push their agenda in Congress. Maybe that is why they are endorsing Hillary Clinton and not Green Party nominee, Jill Stein, or the Humane Party nominee, Clifton Roberts. And Roberts is the only true vegan candidate. Jill Stein is a vegetarian who eats fish (a.k.a. pescatarian) and dairy on occasion; however she appears to have a more robust platform in comparison to Roberts’ seemingly more narrow-focused leftist policy proposals. Given Jill Stein’s medical background and her involvement in politics, one could argue she would be more savvy than Roberts with a greater likelihood of gaining “inside” support so to speak. I’m not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, but I know she has the “stamina”, perseverance and a more favorable than unfavorable track record to get change done in Congress, even if it requires playing both sides of the coin from time to time. Realistically, the first woman president has to be more centrist and resilient from a well-established group that can use some of her cerebrospinal fluid to reinforce the weakening backbone of the Democratic party. Candidates like Hillary Clinton pave the way for candidates like Jill Stein. True change–in uprooting the legacy of elitism, racism and murder that gave birth to this country–can propagate beyond the thin veil of legislative protection, particularly as it relates to non-whites and women, when the U.S. breaks away from a two-party system.


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