If Hillary Clinton is dangerous then the alternative is downright deadly


I tend to consider myself a somewhat open-minded liberal thinker, who is not always well-informed. Although I’m a registered Democrat, by no means am I satisfied with the party that has collectively devolved into a political phylum of indecisive uninspiring invertebrates.  In an attempt to be “Fair & Balanced” like Fox News (sense the sarcasm?), I occasionally read articles and opinions from differing viewpoints.  When a former colleague posted a recent op-ed from Ross Douthat, a conservative voice for The New York Times editorial page, I thought what ‘other’ perils await us should Clinton win the election on November 8th.  Prior to reading the piece, I was struck by the post on my friend’s Facebook page in which he mentions “HRC has had a bit of a free ride.” Firstly, what Douthat mentions in “The Dangers of Hillary Clinton“has been covered ad nauseam by Hillary detractors, including progressive groups skewed at least one standard deviation left of center.

Secondly, how could anyone objectively agree with the notion of Hillary Clinton being given even the slightest free ride since announcing her pursuit for another presidency bid in April 2015? We all know what happened during her first attempt at seeking the presidential nomination for the Democratic party in 2008, upon tussling with and eventually losing to junior U.S. Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. Back in 2010, I shared my perspective on Clinton–pros and cons–from her accomplishments in office to gender discrimination she faced, and her self-inflicted wounds.

Let’s be honest: this country is seething with sexism and misogyny. No woman in U.S. politics –across party lines–can be given a free ride, particularly a female politician who is disliked as much as Hillary Clinton. Clinton has been rebuked and mocked since she was given an office in the West Wing and a voice in directing policy during her husband’s presidency.  You remember the well-intended but failed attempt at universal healthcare in 1993 by then First Lady Clinton and the Task Force on National Health Care Reform? It was infamously dubbed ‘HillaryCare’.

The former U.S. Senator from New York and previous Secretary of State (under Obama’s administration from 2009 to 2013) has not been given a free ride by ‘Bernie Bros‘ who are voting against her by cashing in their support for Green Party nominee, Jill Stein. Or the disenfranchised GOP constituents, who will be voting for Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson, in part, because they hate Hillary so much. There is no ideal presidential candidate for such a diverse and less than ideal U.S. electorate. As a whole, registered voters and their representative legislators seem too ignorant, too stubborn and too polarized to reach meaningful consensus without a centrist compromising tactic from the executive office. If the worst critique from a conservative thinker is to label Clinton as “temperamentally pragmatic” and “self-consciously hardheaded” then what does this supposed ‘indivisible’ nation ‘with liberty and justice for all’ have to lose, except to break the dubious streak of 44 consecutive men who have served as U.S. president since 1789? In fairness, it took a mere 131 years before women were allowed to vote in 1920 with the ratification on the 19th Amendment. So only 16 men have been voted in as commander-in-chief since the gender playing field was leveled… once and for all! Thank goodness! For a moment there I thought sexual discrimination and male chauvinism was still thriving in America. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Yes, Hillary Clinton is indisputably the most qualified candidate to lead this country, regardless of what her critics have to say. And yes, it is about time this superpower be led by a women at the head of the executive branch.





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