Hillary Clinton is better-suited than Jill Stein


There is little doubt Green Party nominee, Jill Stein, would be less inclined to rush into a war than Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.  In fairness, Hillary’s trajectory has been less hawkish since her days as U.S. Senator of New York. Some of Clinton’s policies as Secretary of State have been questionable. That would be said of anyone with the visibility of public-serving roles extending a quarter century in U.S. politics. Clinton’s tenure includes state policies in support of women against domestic violence, gender equality and children’s healthcare. If Clinton is elected POTUS, Bernie Sanders and his forward-thinking ‘outside the box’ team, with the influence and endorsement of Elizabeth Warren, will keep HRC more left than center. Clinton has shown a proclivity towards support of progressive issues. But she is a tactician, willing to compromise for the greater good (perhaps debatable, but her intent is not nefarious or necessarily deceitful).

Hillary Clinton is not the most charismatic. And neither is Jill Stein. Just because Stein is less inclined to take military action (ground or airborne) does not necessarily mean she will keep America safer or kill fewer civilians overseas in the long run. Jill Stein’s platform on renewable energy sounds promising; however, there is no clear plan-of-action how this will get done. And where is the proof that GMOs are deadly? At times, Stein has been vague about vaccines. She is correct to express concern regarding the fundamental problem with outside influence (i.e. lobbyists) like Monsanto. Unfortunately, the sway of monetary support and behind-the-scene deals from these interest groups is rampant with U.S. regulation officials and in the halls of Congress. I don’t see Stein in a better position than Clinton to leverage change that will pull Congress out it is inertial quagmire. I was in support of Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries, in part, because his platform was more radical.  Additionally, I thought given his background–having legislated state and Congressional bipartisan support–he can get both sides to negotiate and agree on some principles.

Basically, Jill Stein’s platform is a bit too ‘pie in the sky’ for me. And I love pie! Sanders and Clinton have the culinary skills to bake a consensus pie that is not too sweet or too tart.  Clinton has also demonstrated she can stand the heat and pressure of a cutthroat kitchen. I do not have the same trust if Stein were to wear the apron of commander-in-chief.


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