I was born and raised in northern New Jersey. Now I live in Washington state. My parents are second generation Cubans, which makes me a Cuban-American. I was shy and taciturn growing up. Taking up running as a hobby in my 20’s helped me to break out of my timid shell, but my I still introverted at heart. I am opinionated, but not pushy.  I prefer to be influential without forcing people to agree or accept my line of thinking.

The dynamics of weather have been a big part of my passion since I was a child. I enjoy looking at weather maps and playing an amateur forecaster. I am an avid baseball fan. I also enjoy watching American football, ice hockey and basketball. Microsoft Excel is my favorite software application. Delving into sports stats, analyzing data and appreciating good food bring me oodles of joy.

Having been a caregiver and a cancer survivor, I get much fulfillment in volunteering and helping out others. I worked in the market research industry as a project manager and as a client service director. Training, mentoring, improving processes and treating colleagues fairly are what I did best in my profession. Being mindful of my own biases helps me to be a better listener and to be more compassionate. I strive for fairness and balance in life.